Integrated Cardiology & Occupational Medicine Methods & Systems

Cardiology is at the center of both disease and health. Of the many chronic conditions vexing society, heart and vascular function are likely the most susceptible to poor lifestyle decisions. Healthy, active people are very heart-aware, as well -- or they at least need to be. This relates to nutrition, activity, and all aspects of mindfulness and stress management. Integrated cardiology thus enjoys centrality in all forms of medicine, as it extends to opportunities in interventions and therapies. Cardiology is central to the integrative medicine movement worldwide. Occupational medicine is directly related to cardiology in that flexibility and strength are fundamental to active, productive lives. People do not die from problems of the muscles and joints, but pain and immobility take away much of life's purpose. They are immensely expensive -- in direct costs and the indirect costs of unemployment and underemployment. THN intends to leverage such activities and to enhance co-management of Western and Traditional Chinese and Eastern traditions and procedures. TNH is based on establishment of integrated cardiology centers as key elements in this plan.