Finance 4.0

A subtext of the THN effort is the need for a new infrastructure for finance and accounting. There was quite a bit of discussion in the late 1960s and early 1970s as to how accounting and accounting-related data could serve the public and organizations themselves more favorably. The ideas raised were subsequently sidelined in the accounting literature, but the underlying issues persist and opportunity for improvement is as important now as ever. These dovetail well with the concepts of fluidity and dual control. They are factored into THN plans, which can readily expand to form the basis for a finance and governance system based on cooperation, as discussed earlier.

Dr. Miroslaw Manicki of the THN program is architect of a national health finance model that has proven itself in many environments. This is a key element in the THN program, as it ties payment programs to an integrative cascade of planning, implementation, and evaluation based on predetermined standards by medical and health experts. This is a clear demonstration of the effectiveness of dual control on a national level of finance.

Particular effort has gone into the architecture of a more well-founded technological and structural foundation for finance. Cooperation and collaboration is much-inhibited by existing frameworks. Based on Asian, Middle Eastern, and Central European traditions, we have developed the outline of a finance and development environment to rival the much-derived "Washington Consensus" and liberal programs.

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