Future of Comprehensive, Integrated Medicine

Exciting prospects exist in all aspects of medicine with the development of dual control and fluidity. As the THN project rolls out and the various communities become empowered, not only will services improve, but knowledge will grow. The availability of persistent, large-scale health data observatories will stimulate research efforts that would otherwise not be possible. The big questions will be addressable. Issues of Eastern and Western practice will be thoughtfully merged. Think of active, interrelated "symphonies" of practice and performance, feeding on each other and informing one another. The 2020 Program will be making use of an aspect of fluidity called the Knowledge Swirl. This is an iterative process of learning, doing, and evaluation where computerization takes place at the leading edge of knowledge and practice. Cardiological solutions and occupational medicine applications lead out, with plans for all aspects of public and private health, occupational and rehabilitation practice, and associated educational and training activities.

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