The Many Facets of OPL

There are few aspects of consumer markets that are not directly related to OPL issues. Furthermore, they have much to do with public and industrial sectors as well. A review of these kinds of opportunities can be seen here. This will be an information-driven market environment, a most interesting phenomenon with respect to expectations and planning. The THN will be based on fluidity and dual control and it will make use of technologies similar to those of the large Internet companies, but with this major difference This will reflect well on prospects for an Internet of Things, which is much-discussed.

In a typical frame of reference, there is little rationale for the Internet of Things. People are confused by propositions such as "intelligent refrigerators" and "artificial intelligence for the home". OPL provided legitimate uses for such systems, as the system will be driven by much more detailed, customized information as to each person's preferences and needs. There are many markets with renewed prospects from "adjustable furniture and appliances", and home features that and devices that are likewise adaptable to a person's needs. The THN program is particularly suited to such products and services due to the work of Dr. Larry Farnes of the program, who has developed a comprehensive measurement program for the muscles and joints of the body, with detailed interpretation.

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