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Fluidity and dual control have been present in society -- hidden in plain view. The great model of music-making is one of the best examples of this. The symphony is an example of a functional governance model of this kind -- science brought together in the service of society.

A unique form of leadership in the development of a horizontal knowledge network is available. By guiding your efforts and those of your organization in the direction of fluidity and dual control, you will be establishing advantages with will be difficult to overcome. Please join us in order to increase your capacity and to leverage such advantages to the maximum.

Optimum Performance Living

Optimal Performance Living ("OPL") is the rightful objective of social services efforts. Supporting the efforts of individuals and society, governance supports knowledge-based activities in the eliminating of diseases and risks and harnesses a constant flow of information, in support of optimal outcomes. This includes education and encouragement of personal and community initiatives.

Management of the Cycle of Life

From mother-and-child care, to meeting the needs of workers, to supporting those of 55+ seniors, all depends on customized, individualized attention to the needs of each person. This is a challenge inherent to public health; it is an unfolding puzzle faced by each person, as well as couples and intertwined relationships, and individuals and institutions charged with meeting their various needs. Ignoring individual differences does not cause related issues to go away. Instead, such intricacies fester and conspire to form a kind of negative resonance that induces discomfort, pain, and dysfunction at any number of levels, where positive forces could have been been unlocked all that time to bring beneficial outcomes.

Dual Control of Authority and Knowledge

Since the beginning of civilization, there has been a governance struggle between authority and knowledge. Through history, there are many examples of how this has worked -- and how it has not. Dual control is a means of using technology to link expert knowledge of how to do things with the collection of streams of data to support such actions. This can be done, as the musicians demonstrate every day.